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ACTIVISTTRAINING.ORG is a compendium of the best skill-building, educational resources for effective “action with Reflection” (praxis). These incorporate and build upon the lessons, experience and theory of nonviolent action and struggles for: colonial liberation; labor, civil and human rights; and peace, justice and ecology. (Email input to MNS (AT)

Much here is based on the “analysis, vision and strategy” of  Movement for a New Society (MNS 1971-1988), allied organizations, and the highly effective ongoing campaigns and movements it continues to inform and inspire. Find more at, and key and historic resources and records from scores of activist NGOs in the Swarthmore Library Peace Collection.

Prominent MNS authors, theorists and strategists include:
David Albert, Michael Beer ( , Steve Chase (Solidarity 2020 and Beyond), Chuck Collins (, George LakeyJerry Koch-Gonzalez, Betsy Leondar-Wright, Stephen Zunes, Robert A. Irwin ( Building a Peace System, digital searchable; email for readings), Barbara JensenJerry Koch-Gonzalez, Pamela Haines, Betsy Leondar-Wright, Stephen Zunes. Prolific MNS writers now deceased include: Lynne Shivers, Lillian and George Willoughby, Felice Yeskel and the late Bill Moyer, developer of the widely acclaimed “Movement Action Plan.”


See Bill Moyer’s final training video and MNSers perform “Rainstorm,”
a 2-min. “light-and-lively” (ice-breaker game) at their 2009 Reunion.


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The Movement Action Plan (MAP):
8 Stages, 4 Roles, Campaign Strategy

“Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements.”
This essential guide provides the most usable theory and working model for understanding and analyzing citizen movements and how they can best succeed in the long term. Bill Moyer (with co-authors JoAnn McAllister, Mary Lou Finley and Steven Soifer), brilliantly compare MAP to nine popular models of social movements taught at universities, and apply MAP to five social movements: civil rights, anti-nuclear energy, gay and lesbian rights, breast cancer, and anti-corporate globalization. They conclude with a chapter on the future of activist strategies.

Movement Action Plan video: Moyer’s final (48 mins.)

Doing Democracy     Bill Moyer

Author Bill Moyer (1933-2002) was a globally acclaimed organizer, writer, educator and trainer in nonviolent social movements, active in a dozen countries for forty years. He was SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) staff for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the American Friends Service Committee, Movement For A New Society, Keystone Safe Energy Alliance, and Executive Director of the Social Movement Empowerment Project in San Francisco.

Activist Training: Nonviolent Change Resources, Skills, More

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See Bill Moyer’s final training video and MNSers perform “Rainstorm,”
a 2-minute “light-and-lively” (ice-breaker game) at their 2009 Reunion.

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